An audio player (mp3, ogg) for the web with M3U-playlist and ID3-support.

Based on mediaelement.js. MIT-licensed. Cooks coffee (almost).


This project provides a JavaScript constructor MyPlayer({...options...}) that can be used to embed lists of audio files as read from an index document or an M3U into a web document.

They will be displayed in a playback GUI with a playlist that can optionally be filled from the "title" and "artist" values of the files' ID3 tags (v1 and v2 are supported).

The player is "detachable", meaning the user can open it in a new window, preventing that playback breaks when the user leaves the page.


MyPlayer Gitlab Project.

Documentation & Examples: demo/index.html

Project website: http://tk-sls.de/ref/myplayer/

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License: MIT.

See README.txt for further information.

Author Contact:

Please send questions to: tilt at linuxfoo dot de