Mobile Version 2.0: jQuery With Specialized Plugins

I have rewritten the mobile version of this website.

Changes in Version 1.9

  • Progress: Content updates are loaded into the existing DOM using AJAX improving loading and layout speed.
  • Progress: Swiping gesture support was re-implemented using Ramp Interactive’s excellent touchSwipe plugin for jQuery. This allows me to drop the requirement for jQuery mobile.
  • Progress: CSS was straightened up, improving layout speed.
  • Regress: There is no visual feedback for sliding, which makes swiping through the history of blog-postings less accessible but saves me the trouble of implementing a replacement for the relevant jQuery mobile FX.

Overall, the progress outweights the regress, so I put it live. 🙂

Changes in Version 2.0

  • Progress: If user has enabled cookies in webbrowser, user can switch back and forth between desktop and mobile view of single post.
  • Progress: Mobile-specific Javascript is completely minified, improving loading speed.
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