Social Media

I quit my social media accounts, only keeping the Google one for the time being, as long as i use YouTube for video hosting, which is a matter purely of cost, not of technology.

The acquaintances i had connected in these social media systems never were interested in anything i do. No accomplishment is big enough, no level of quality good enough for them. The creators are all but absent. The producers only promote themselves. The consumers give „likes“ and „views“ only to such entities that already have label, distribution and commerical success – or who appear to have, by means of phony marketing tricks.

Working in the remote parts, doing the experimental stuff, the heavy lifting, without backup, without support, gets zero likes. My work is done at heavy personal sacrifice. I work with shit dynamics, and my stuff is better composed, finer crafted and more interesting than anything i have seen or heard from anyone on Facebook so far.

I actually could have used some promotion over the Internet, because i, taking care of my mom in her remaining years, am trapped in the rural outskirts of a backwards precinct of an unimaginative country. I could volunteer for a Mars mission and would have more company and more culture around me than i have here. The Internet was made for me. But the airwaves are filled, and all attention is sucked up by escapist city cliques hyping themselves over dull rehashes of stuff that already was shit twenty years ago.

Facebook is nothing but an amplifier for underling consumerism. It is no „social networking“.

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