So it is possible …

… to have DNS top level domains for bargains (.bargain), the bible (.bible), black friday (.blackfriday) and marketing and social networking (.buzz), but it is not possible to have a TLD reserved for documentation and testing purposes. Instead, examples that use „“ are in widespread circulation,  a domain which is owned by IANA but points to a system controlled by Verizon, Inc.:

dig +short

whois | grep ^person
person: Derrick Sawyer

Search LinkedIn for Mr. Derrick Sawyer. 🙂

… to have browsers ship with DNS over HTTPS (DoH), pointing to Cloudflare, Inc. as provider, but there is no freely available DoH server. Instead, widespread examples combine Nginx, a freemium web proxy/server software controlled by F5, Inc., with a DNS resolver such as Unbound.

… to have all major DNS servers ship with an off-switch called „DNSSEC“, operated by Verisign, Inc., controlled by the government of the USA,but not one major DNS server software can serve DNS over HTTPS/TLS natively. Instead, again, constructs involving proxy software which will mess up access control are suggested by widespread documents.

DNS is messed up.