A WordPress plugin providing a shortcode to embed a list of commits of a gitea project.
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Embed a list of the most recent commits to a Gitea project. Information is retrieved from a specified Gitea instance's public REST API.

Shortcode gitea-show-project


Add the following shortcode for a list of at most 5 commits to that project:

[gitea-show-project url="https://tk-sls.de/git" project_owner=tk-sls.de project_repo=linuxfoo-gitea max=5]

Add the following shortcode for a list of at most 3 commits followed by a link to the latest release:

[gitea-show-project url="https://tk-sls.de/git" project_owner=tk-sls.de project_repo=linuxfoo-gitea max=3 releases="latest"]

Add the following shortcode to just link to the Gitlab project, without a list of commits or releases:

[gitea-show-project url="https://tk-sls.de/git" project_owner=tk-sls.de project_repo=linuxfoo-gitea commit="none" releases="none"]


The following attributes are mandatory:

  • url="STRING": Base URL of Git instance (example: https://tk-sls.de/git).
  • project_owner=STRING: ; STRING: User or organisation owning the repository in Gitea (examples: tilman, tk-sls.de).
  • project_repo=STRING: ; STRING: Name of repository in Gitea (examples: tilman, tk-sls.de).

The following optional attributes enable or disable additional project information:

  • commits="STRING": Optional; if set, STRING can be either all (show a list of recent commits, the default) or none (do not show a list of recent commits).
  • releases=STRING: Optional; if set, STRING can be either all (show a list of all releases of this project, if any) or latest (show a link to the latest release of this project, if any) or none (do not show releases of this project, the default).

The following optional attributes modify the behavior of the list of commits:

  • max=NUM: Optional; NUM: Positive integer; list not more than NUM commits (example: 5).
  • ref_name=STRING: Optional: list only commit from branch or reference name STRING (examples: main, v1.1).
  • default_branch: Optional; if set, list only commits from the project's default branch.
  • author="none": Optional; do not print names of authors in the commit list.

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