The Reproducible Collection

About the Music

These sounds are not designed to make you happy, sad, angry, horny or remorseful. There is nothing mysterious about them, just truths that you can either face or let pass you by.

Current Tracklist

Release date: Oct 14th 2017

Front Cover Back Cover

192k MP3 download, YouTube Video Playlist.

The Sorted Sessions

Release date: Feb 2nd 2015

192k MP3 download.

10 Feet Survey

Release date: Jan 3rd 2014

Front Cover Back Cover

192k MP3 download.

No Clearance

Release date: Feb 2nd 2013

Front Cover Back Cover

The Long Sessions

Recorded live, postprocessed.

192k MP3 download.

Other Works

The following works, fragments and remixes have been released over the years apart from the samplers.

192k MP3 download.

About the Release

These are public releases of my music, downloadable as MP3 and, where indicated, in other formats.

All works are published under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 unported agreement (you can read the text here).

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