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 Creative E-MU 1616m PCIe on Windows 10 64bit

On a PC running Win10Pro64 that has no Firewire port i needed a 4in4out audio solution functioning as an ASIO device. So i dug out my E-MU 1616m PCIe, and – fearing that it would show severe compatibility issues – installed the most recent driver (EmuPMX_PCDrv_US_2_30_00.exe, July 15th 2011). To my surprise, the device started […]

 Top View

Electronic @ 120 bpm: Top View (MP3, ca. 6 MB)

 MyPlayer Update

New: Options for „Autoplay“, „Loop“ and „Shuffle“. TAR Download: SVN: svn co svn:// (ViewVC) Project Website:

 Break2 (Rev5.7, postprocessed)

Breakbeat @ 170bpm „Break 2“, MP3, ca. 3min16sec, (unprocessed)

 Techno Three [R3]

Techno, 120 bpm Techno Three, MP3, ca. 2min48s

 Small Melody

Electronic, 120 bpm „Small Melody“, MP3, ca. 3min8sec

 The Sorted Sessions

As a preparation for a development project I sorted my audio data. I encountered some older works (I think from between 2009 and 2011) that I would like to put into a new context. There are gaps in the numbering, excluding some tracks where a remastering is required. Will update ASAP. Alternative: M3U License Note: […]

 The Autumn Collection

Three acoustical results from the autumn of 2014. Please note: Due to the weather change I will consider subsequent works of this year to be from the winter of 2014!