Privacy Policy

(in deutscher Sprache: Datenschutzerklärung)

About This Document

This document describes technical and formal management and usage of your personal data as it might be transferred during your visit on this website, „“ (Tilman Kranz‘ personal website).

Furthermore, the use of „Cookies“ on this website is explained.


This is the internet, it is unreliable, intermediate networks can and will intercept personal information about you, and there is nothing i can do about it.

Personal Data Collected While Visiting This Website

When visiting this website, the following information about you that possibly constitutes personal information about you can potentially be transferred from the device that you are using to view this website to the server computer that produces this website:

  • Your current IP adress, a technical indentification that potentially can be associated with your personal identity,
  • product and version information about the web browser software you are using (also called „user agent information“),
  • Domain name and resource identification („HTTP Referer“) of the website your were viewing in your webbrowser when following a link to a document on my website.

Additionally, if you have enabled the use of „Cookies“ in your webbrowser (which is the default setting in most webbrowser software), the server computer that produces this website can store small bits of information on your computer which allow it to recognise you across multiple views of and visits to this website.

Use Of Personal Data Collected While Visiting This Website

I, the maintainer and sole responsible publisher of this website and sole responsible IT-administrator of the server producing this website am not using personal data transferred from your computer for any purposes except for essential internal tasks of operation of this website. These tasks include:

  • Ensuring error-free operation of the software generating this website.
  • Identifying the workload of the server producing this website.
  • Identifying malicious or criminal or sabotaging access to this website.

Specifically, I am not utilizing any personal data for marketing purposes and I am not passing it on to third parties unless i was required to do so by an authority of law, which i am not.

By closely reviewing every aspect of the hardware and software used to produce this software I ensure to the extent of what is technically possible as IT-administrator of this website that no 3rd party can gain access to this personal data.

Retention Of Personal Data Collected While Visiting This Website

The logfiles and other forms of storage that are generated during the daily operation of this website that can potentially contain this personal data are deleted after a storage period not exceeding 4 calendaric weeks.

Use Of „Cookies“

„Cookies“ are small pieces of digital data that can be included in the data transmitted from the webserver producing this website to the webbrowsing software you are using. This information is not immediately visible to you, but the webbrowser can store this data and transmit it again to the webserver the next time you view a page on this website.

This website uses such „Cookies“ only for the purpose of internal operation of the software, for example a web application running on this website might use Cookies to store settings regarding your preferred mode of operation you made in the application.

No other use of „Cookies“ as you encounter them when visiting this website is made. Specifically, „Cookies“ set by this website are not used to track your person or your location or generate any form of profile about you or your activities, and no information regarding these cookies is made available to any 3rd party.