Curriculum Professionis

Please be advised that if you ask me for a „CV in Word Format“ i will immediately stop talking to you.


from to
1995 School graduation (Gymnasium/ISCED level 3).
Advanced in Latin, bad at math.
1997 1998 Internship office assistant and service technician.
Organising files and wielding screwdrivers.
1999 Student at Polytechnic Mannheim (Information Science).
Still scared of math.
1999 2000 Internship web development (Perl).
Being object-oriented.
2000 2001 Student at Univ. of Heidelberg (Mathematics, Anglistic Studies).
Drinking coffee. Reading Tarski.
2000 2001 Employed administrator R&D (Unix, GNU/Linux).
Supercomputing for fun and profit.
2002 2003 Employed programmer (TCL).
Automating boring tasks to help people quit their jobs sooner.
2004 2006 Freelance software developer media, print and publishing (Perl, Java and others).
Touring around, dissembling Applets and writing Fax Machines in Perl.
2007 2008 Employed software developer R&D (C/C++).
Juggling with ciphers and Plugin-APIs.
2009 2014 Employed software developer R&D (PHP, Java, JS and others), sysad, hostmaster (Linux, Cisco).
Master of disaster.
2014 Employed service engineer and sysad (Linux, MS, Cisco).
Out in the field, scaring problems away.
2015 today Freelance consultant for full stack development, devops, CI/CD and operations.
Bring it on!


Administration and programming tasks in commercial research and development.

H/A Webmaster for digital imaging and print/online media.

DevOps and full-stack WebDev for German large-scale publishers.

On- and off-site consultant for datacenter rebuilds and relocations.

Development of process-oriented Groupware solutions.

Courses and workshops about GNU/Linux, NoSQL, GIT and others.

Accomplished electronic musician. 🙂