Ad-Blocking with BIND9 and NGINX

In my intranet, where hosts are in a subnet and domain names in a domain mydomain, I use BIND9 as DNS, running on host intradns.mydomain , and NGINX as a webserver running on intraweb.mydomain.

I would like to rewrite all subdomains of certain public domains (spammers and trackers) using my intranet DNS to a webserver that answers every request with a 1 x 1 transparent Pixel GIF.

Note: A user has to be fully aware that the result is not the internet according to public DNS anymore but a modified view of it.

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I18n of Bourne Shell Scripts Using „“

This article shows how to make a Bourne Shell script translatable by means of the „gettext“ toolchain and how it then operates with natural language strings translated into the user’s language.

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„jack-autostart“ – Setup and Start Scripts for jackd

„jack-autostart“ is essentially a start script (I use it for my XFCE sessions) that

  • starts „jackd“ with appropriate command line parameters and
  • configures as many applications as possible to route playback to the JACK service.
    • For this purpose, redirect all ALSA playback to JACK, and
    • set JACK as default audiosink/-source for GStreamer.

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SVN / ViewVC Overhaul

The Subversion repository browser (powered by ViewVC) has been overhauled, the browsing behavior should now be a bit more coherent:

  • Skip most of the useless header HTML, have a link back to the blog start page instead.
  • Display  an SVN checkout URL for every non-root directory.
  • Default to „markup“ instead „log“ view for files.
  • Disable some views that I make no use of, such as annotations.

A Linux Desktop With Devuan GNU/Linux


I have now installed Devuan GNU/Linux, release „stable“ (which still is alpha) on an amd64 workstation.

On Devuan in general, see also my earlier statement.

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Wanderung nach Haag am 26.7.2015

Hier ein paar Bilder von meiner Wanderung nach Haag:

Haag, 26.7.2015
Wanderung in das in einer Rodungsinsel im „kleinen Odenwald“ gelegene Dorf Haag.

Adding Custom Format Buttons To tinyMCE in WordPress 4


In my technical articles I sometimes use inline fragments typed in a monospace font to highlight code or filenames that appear within floating paragraph text. Back in the days I did this with the <tt> element, nowadays I use <span class=“tt“> and a CSS style like

.tt { font-family: monospace; }

I wanted to extend the tinyMCE in WordPress with a toggle button that behaves like the Bold or Italic buttons and surrounds selected text with such a <span class=“tt“> element or, when pressed while an already surrounded text is selected, removes that surrounding again. Also, when the cursor is inside such an element, the button should switch to an „active“ state that indicates that the character format can be deselected.

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DTP With Free Software?

In case anyone is wondering how to produce documents with

  • complex structure,
  • multiple pages and
  • professional quality

using free software, the answer is of course: with LaTeX. Consider the alternatives: Office (Libre, Open, the KDE stuff) are a nuisance when it comes to properly customized sectioning, and for larger documents or 100% precise positioning they turn into an outright PITA. Scribus is too limited to really overcome the Office competition. Inkscape addresses a different problem.

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