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Install r10k on a Foreman Server

The following occurred to me on a recent version of Foreman (i used 3.9) on a recent version of Red Hat, Alma or Rocky Linux 8 (i used 8.9). I wanted to use r10k for management of Puppet environments. When i attempted installation of r10k /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/gem install r10k i got the following error /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/gem install […]

Redirect PulseAudio/PipeWire over TCP/IP network

If you have two Linux hosts, host1 and host2, both running PulseAudio (or Pipewire with PulseAudio backwards compatibility) and you want host2 to use the speakers on host1, then you can use a PulseAudio TCP server on host1 and a „tunnel sink“ on host2 to do that.

WordPress Plugin to embed Gitea Repositories

I ported the WordPress plugin providing shortcodes for embedding Gitlab projects into posts and pages to a Gitea version. Below is a usage example, displaying the latest 3 commits and the latest release (if any) from repository „linuxfoo-gitea“ on my Gitea instance: Gitea project linuxfoo-giteaLast 3 commits: by root: 35962433 correct json pat to commit […]

PiKVM on an OrangePi Zero 2

The OrangePi Zero 2 H616/1GByte is capable of running PiKVM. I find this an interesting development, because if i only want the KVM functionality, a full-blown Raspberry Pi 4 with all its CPU resources, multiple Gigabytes of RAM and peripheral devices seems somewhat of an overkill. I am aware that the latest official PiKVM, the […]

A simple GUI for basic Package Management with Apt

The tool presented here, „Simple Apt Update“ (simple-apt-update) is nothing more than a front-end to the non-interactive execution of apt-get update|full-upgrade and apt list –upgradeable. It can look like this:

Make a Bourne Again Shell Script Log its Output to a File

The Bourne Again Shell script presented in this article demonstrates techniques related to capturing and logging output (standard output and standard error stream) of a script into a log file while also delivering it to the regular output destinations (for example the terminal or whatever the caller has chosen to redirect to). Some questions are […]

Determine IPv4 Addresses of a Libvirt Qemu-KVM Domain

In the VM, on Redhat-likes, make sure that the Qemu guest agent is installed: dnf install qemu-guest-agent On Debian-likes, execute: apt install qemu-guest-agent For Microsoft Windows guests, there are some tutorials on the web, see for example [1]. On the HV, execute: virsh qemu-agent-command –domain myvm \ ‚{„execute“:“guest-network-get-interfaces“}‘ | \ jq -r ‚ [.return[] | […]

Find Files by Size given in Bytes

Some examples: Find files in current directory that have a size of 400 bytes or more: sfind -min 400 Find files in /etc that have a size of 50 kilobytes (1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes) or more: sfind -dir /etc -min 50k Find files in /var with size between 100 and 500 megabytes, suppress warnings, […]