PiKVM on an OrangePi Zero 2

The OrangePi Zero 2 H616/1GByte is capable of running PiKVM. I find this an interesting development, because if i only want the KVM functionality, a full-blown Raspberry Pi 4 with all its CPU resources, multiple Gigabytes of RAM and peripheral devices seems somewhat of an overkill. I am aware that the latest official PiKVM, the V4Plus uses a Raspberry Pi Compute Module with 2 GB RAM, but mine is still smaller. 🙂

Please note that the Orange Pi Zero 2 has no CSI port, a separate USB capture device has to be used. In my setup, this takes up one of two USB ports of the device (i have tested the USB capture dongle via USB hub, which worked).

The ATX power/reset control would need to be done differently from the Raspberry Pi hat, it should be possible though; my build does not feature that circuitry, because the devices i want to remote-control with this particular PiKVM do not expose ATX headers anyway.

In this build, the WLAN function of the Orange Pi Zero 2 is not connected; i do not need it as i prefer Ethernet for KVM purposes anyway. WLAN would have been possible with some additional wiring and case breakout.

In the picture below you see:

  • To the left the Orange PI Zero 2 in a plastic case, USB HDMI capture attached to USB-A port, splitter cable attached to USB-C OTG-port (using an USB-C male to USB-A female breakout cable) and gigabit Ethernet.
  • In the middle an opened Intel NUC; attached (from left to right) are USB-A (data) from the splitter cable, below it an USB pendrive, gigabit Ethernet, HDMI output and power supply.

A screenshot of the NUC UEFI settings opened in PiKVM:

Thanks to my good friend Christoph for providing me with a specially crafted image for the device and custom hardware, a power/data splitter for the USB-OTG-port of the Orange Pi. 👍

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