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Providing XDG Runtime Directories

Introduction The intended audience for this document are application programmers and providers of init-systems for managing features of installations of the GNU/Linux operating system and POSIX-compliant operating systems in general, who are concerned with per-user temporary file management based on the XDG Base Directory Specification, [XDG]. Many applications that follow XDG guidelines and specifications expect […]

„nodm“: Improved „restart“ behavior

I currently maintain an experimental spin-off of the „nodm“ minimal display manager written by Mr. Enrico Zini: Spin-Off project site: As has been reported, in recent installations of „nodm“ from Debian packages up to version 0.11.1-3 (Debian unstable), the „restart“ action of the sysvinit-script does not reliably restart „nodm“. This is due to the […]

Ad-Blocking with BIND9 and NGINX

In my intranet, where hosts are in a subnet and domain names in a domain mydomain, I use BIND9 as DNS, running on host intradns.mydomain , and NGINX as a webserver running on intraweb.mydomain. I would like to rewrite all subdomains of certain public domains (spammers and trackers) using my intranet DNS to a […]

A Linux Desktop With Devuan GNU/Linux

Overview I have now installed Devuan GNU/Linux, release „stable“ (which still is alpha) on an amd64 workstation. On Devuan in general, see also my earlier statement.

RDP With Copy&Paste From Windows to xrdp on Debian

The package of xrdp (Version 6.1.2) that is available in Debian does lack support for Copy&Paste. The „master“ branch of xrdp on github provides this feature but is not packaged for Debian at the moment. To have it available, I built it manually on my Debian server. The procedure took about 1 hour, most of […]

Umstellung auf „All-IP“ Anschluss durchgeführt

Übersicht Wie ich bereits im früheren Artikel Umstellung des Telekom-Anschlusses auf “All-IP” beschrieben habe, wurde unser Anschluss nun auf All-IP (DSL Annex J mit Telefonie über Telekom-SIP) umgestellt. Hier ein paar Eindrücke. Zuerstmal Status und Kurzzusammenfassung: Internet und ausgehende Telefonie standen sofort nach der Umstellung zur Verfügung, eingehende Telefonie mit ca. 4 Stunden Verzögerung. Faxempfang- […]

Ubuntu 14.10 cryptswap1 With LVM Stops Working After Reboot

Today I rebooted an Ubuntu 14.10 that was set up with LVM and encryption. It was unable to use the encrypted swapspace cryptswap1, which ultimately halted the boot procedure with a prompt (S for skip and M for manual resolution, i.e. single-user-mode prompt). The problem appears to be that the UUID (blkid) of the designated […]

Filtering and Rate-Limiting ICMPv6 on a GNU/Linux Server

Introduction ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) in IPv6 is used for a variety of purposes. As opposed to IPv4, support for some of the applications of ICMP by nodes participating in an IPV6 network is mandatory. On the other hand, due to the security-relvant nature of some of the applications, where in IPv4 it may […]