Interactive nftables Ruleset Editor

I wrote a simple shell tool to interactively edit the current nftables ruleset using a terminal-based text editor (respecting environment variable EDITOR and defaulting to vim).

For testing purposes, it can optionally revert the changes after a timeout specified in seconds (option --timeout SECONDS, requires systemd-run).

See the script in action:

The script can be downloaded and used under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

Gitlab-Projekt nft-edit-rulesetLetzte 3 Commits im Branch "main":2021-11-29 by Tilman Kranz: d713953c Add LICENSE2021-11-25 by Tilman Kranz: 5834235d more consistent behavior of --config and --timeout2021-11-24 by Tilman Kranz: 9f05043a check for "nft" command availabilityNeueste Release: v1.1