WordPress-Plugin to Embed Gitlab Project Information

For my personal use, i wrote a small WordPress plugin that allows me to embed a link to a Gitlab repository, a list of commits and a link to the releases of that project in a WP post.

Example (linebreaks added to shortcode for readability):



Gitlab-Projekt linuxfoo-gitlabLetzte 3 Commits:2022-08-28 : fb5d9a8f tab vs space cleanup2022-01-01 : f6abb63a add option author="none"2021-11-30 : 4b7b8d4a project_header formattingNeueste Release: v1.4.4

Developer notes:

  • The plugin is developed for and tested with the most recent WordPress version (5.2.8 at the time of writing). I neither develop nor test using older releases of WordPress.
  • The appearance can be customized using CSS; see styles.css for details.
  • The plugin does not store login credentials or access tokens; support for non-public repositories (that would require login) is not on my roadmap.
  • The plugin is translated to English and German, contributions are welcome; see also linuxfoo-gitlab.pot.