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 Two Paintings

Did i mention that i like Blender? ​ ​

 Two Worlds, one Reality

Sometimes, what topside constitutes an amazing engineering feat is turtles all the way down.

 The Internet Security Architecture

Neue Foto-Galerie (mit alten Fotos)

Ich habe alle Fotos aus meiner alten Galerie in PhotoShow gekippt. →Zur neuen Galerie

Creative E-MU 1616m PCIe on Windows 10 64bit

Update: Update 1903 of Windows 10 introduced breaking changes that Creative will not fix anymore. The device can still be brought to operation following this article on by Mr. Freddie Stjerna. Having performed the procedure described therein, my 1616m PCIe works flawlessly on Win10Pro64, also as an ASIO device for Ableton 10 (64bit). Update […]

xdraw 1.1

I was very pleased to notice that my small Xlib-utility xdraw has made it across the years unscathed. It compiled after 11 years of complete lack of code or build system maintenance. Hail to the stability of the X Library! However, i found the visual quality of the drawing results a bit lacking – the […]

 MyPlayer Update

New: Options for „Autoplay“, „Loop“ and „Shuffle“. TAR Download: SVN: svn co svn:// (ViewVC) Project Website:

Stabilize Shaky Video With ffmpeg and vidstab

Overview On my walking and hiking tours i often do not carry my camera but only my Android phone. Unlike the camera, the phone features no image stabilization mechanism whatsoever. In the past i have used the option offered by Google’s YouTube to apply a transformation that compensates for the most unfriendly effects of my […]