xdraw 1.1

I was very pleased to notice that my small Xlib-utility xdraw has made it across the years unscathed. It compiled after 11 years of complete lack of code or build system maintenance. Hail to the stability of the X Library!

However, i found the visual quality of the drawing results a bit lacking – the drawn lines are too uneasy. So i have added weighted average smoothing to the drawn lines.

xdraw in action.

I have released this improvement as version 1.1 of xdraw here: https://gitlab.tk-sls.de/tilman/xdraw/tree/1.1

Gitlab-Projekt xdrawLetzte 5 Commits:2017-05-06 by Tilman Kranz: b1dfd261 Experimentelle Nachricht soll nicht in die offizielle Version.2017-05-06 by Tilman Kranz: 6bf30c04 Changelog aktualisiert.2017-05-06 by Tilman Kranz: 705d480f Experimentelle Nachricht "Ende" beim Programmende.2017-05-05 by Tilman Kranz: b2c4b5e1 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitlab.tk-sls.de:2222/tilman/xdraw2017-05-05 by Tilman Kranz: 95705034 Changed weighting factor "a" to CPP definition "pb_alpha".