My Personal Manifesto of Software Engineering


Targeted at website visitors who are interested in my professional services or want to learn more about my professional code of conduct, this article focusses on my personal background as a creator of computer software. It describes my historical attachment to programming and highlights some experiences i have made during my professional career. It then proceeds to describe my personal motivations and intentions when it comes to creating and working with software and illustrates best (and worst) practises that i recognise.

This article is not a treatise on specific technical or algorithmical problems. The focus is on questions of software quality in general, program code quality, organization of software projects and, from my experience and point of view best (and worst) practises of licensing, acquiring, producing and maintaining software.

This document may change from time to time. The current edition is that from 21st of February 2018, where the title of this document was changed from „Programming“ (a title which i nowadays consider too constraining) and a 9th section „Remediation“ has been added.