„jack-autostart“ – Setup and Start Scripts for jackd

„jack-autostart“ is essentially a start script (I use it for my XFCE sessions) that

  • starts „jackd“ with appropriate command line parameters and
  • configures as many applications as possible to route playback to the JACK service.
    • For this purpose, redirect all ALSA playback to JACK, and
    • set JACK as default audiosink/-source for GStreamer.
jack-autostart Architecture Overview

jack-autostart Architecture Overview

Intended Audience

People who are interested in JACK, who know how to compile and install stuff. Knowledge of ALSA, JACK, samplerates and periods are a plus. Known to conflict with PA; untested with „jackd2“.


Please note that this software is experimental, has barely been tested at all, and might not render your audio output operational; the usual disclaimers of „PROVIDED AS IS“ and „NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND“ apply. Should you run into trouble, feel free to contact me; there also is a section „If Something Goes Wrong“ in the README that describes steps to revert the installation.

Usage Pattern

  1. Download and install as superuser.
  2. Run „jack-autostart-config“ once as regular user.
  3. Optional: Test manually using „jack-autostart“ script.
  4. Optional: Write fan email.

Getting The Software