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 MyPlayer Update

New: Options for „Autoplay“, „Loop“ and „Shuffle“. TAR Download: SVN: svn co svn:// (ViewVC) Project Website:

Providing XDG Runtime Directories

Introduction The intended audience for this document are application programmers and providers of init-systems for managing features of installations of the GNU/Linux operating system and POSIX-compliant operating systems in general, who are concerned with per-user temporary file management based on the XDG Base Directory Specification, [XDG]. Many applications that follow XDG guidelines and specifications expect […]

„nodm“: Improved „restart“ behavior

I currently maintain an experimental spin-off of the „nodm“ minimal display manager written by Mr. Enrico Zini: Spin-Off project site: As has been reported, in recent installations of „nodm“ from Debian packages up to version 0.11.1-3 (Debian unstable), the „restart“ action of the sysvinit-script does not reliably restart „nodm“. This is due to the […]

„jack-autostart“ ALSA Hotplug Support

jack-autostart Version 1.3 Release Notes To handle a hotplug-removed ALSA device (such as a USB headset), i use a rule for the „udev“ hotplug daemon that invokes a new action hotplug remove $device of the jack-autostart script under the identity of every affected user. By sending SIGKILL to the jackd process, this prevents jackd CPU […]

I18n of Bourne Shell Scripts Using „“

This article shows how to make a Bourne Shell script translatable by means of the „gettext“ toolchain and how it then operates with natural language strings translated into the user’s language.

„jack-autostart“ – Setup and Start Scripts for jackd

„jack-autostart“ is essentially a start script (I use it for my XFCE sessions) that starts „jackd“ with appropriate command line parameters and configures as many applications as possible to route playback to the JACK service. For this purpose, redirect all ALSA playback to JACK, and set JACK as default audiosink/-source for GStreamer.

Adding Custom Format Buttons To tinyMCE in WordPress 4

Introduction In my technical articles I sometimes use inline fragments typed in a monospace font to highlight code or filenames that appear within floating paragraph text. Back in the days I did this with the <tt> element, nowadays I use <span class=“tt“> and a CSS style like .tt { font-family: monospace; } I wanted to […]

PHP HTTPS Streams: Explicitly Using A CA For Verification

When I tried setting my Owncloud Calendar’s ICS export URL (which uses HTTPS) as a calendar import URL in Dolibarr (currently installed are Owncloud 8.0 and Dolibarr from the version 3.6.2-3 Debian package), Dolibarr gave me these errors (taken from the error.log of the webserver, with some additional formatting): PHP Warning: file(): SSL operation failed […]