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Determining The Playtime In Seconds from an OGG Vorbis File

Problem To determine the runtime in integer seconds (not including a fractional amount) of a given audio file in format OGG-Vorbis. This value is required, for example, in the EXTM3U syntax. Solution 1. Install package vorbis-tools 2. Define this shell function: ogglength() { LANG=C ogginfo „$1“ | perl -ne ‚ BEGIN { $rv = 1; […]

Support For Multiple Languages in WordPress

Introduction Foreign visitors have pointed out to me that they sometimes read my blog using translation functions in their their webbrowsing software, most notably „Google Translate“ which is directly built into Google Chrome. That translation function does a good job, but sometimes produces oddities, for example it attempts to translate my lastname, which is also […]

Mobile Version 2.0: jQuery With Specialized Plugins

I have rewritten the mobile version of this website. Changes in Version 1.9 Progress: Content updates are loaded into the existing DOM using AJAX improving loading and layout speed. Progress: Swiping gesture support was re-implemented using Ramp Interactive’s excellent touchSwipe plugin for jQuery. This allows me to drop the requirement for jQuery mobile. Progress: CSS […]

Mobile Version 1.0: jQuery Mobile

As an experiment, I have implemented a „mobile version“ for my website with jQuery Mobile. The downside of that framework is that even the customized (stripped-down), minimized format that I am using still consumes about 200 kilobytes, and that is more than the entirety of my desktop-version start page altogether. This excessive network traffic consumption […]

Liste aller Alben auf Coppermine-Startseite

Die Standard-Startseite von Coppermine nervt, wenn man (wie ich) eh nur 1 Benutzer ist, der (gemäß Workflow) „persönliche Alben“ anlegt, um dorthin hochzuladen. Dann sieht man keine Albenliste auf der Startseite, sondern nur einen Link „User Galleries“, der auf eine weitere fast-leere Seite zeigt, auf der nur der eine Benutzer „aufgelistet“ wird (nämlich ich). Erst […]

Utility to Generate Waveform JPG from CBR MP3

„waveform“ is a commandline utility for GNU/Linux, written in C, that takes a constant-bitrate (CBR) encoded MP3 file as input and generates waveform diagrams like this:

Freie Magento Erweiterung „CSV Stock Update“

Note: English Language Documentation Inhalt Inhalt & Einleitung Screenshots Download Installation Einleitung In kleinen Webshops mag das Problem auftreten, dass der Lagerbestand eines (überschaubaren) Sortiments in einem externen Programm verfügbar ist, zum Beispiel von Hand in Microsoft Excel verwaltet oder in einem Warenwirtschaftsprogramm. Um diese Lagerbestände mit Magento abzugleichen (welches ja nur Web-Verkäufe automatisch berücksichtigt […]

Using VIm’s „:v“ to Delete All Lines NOT Containing a Pattern

Addendum to my previous post „Using VIm’s „Negative Lookahead“ to Delete All Lines NOT Containing a Pattern„ I received a message from a reader who goes by the name of „bw1“ who points out that my task „to delete all lines in the current file not containing the string foo“ can easily be accomplished by […]