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Utility to Generate Waveform JPG from CBR MP3

„waveform“ is a commandline utility for GNU/Linux, written in C, that takes a constant-bitrate (CBR) encoded MP3 file as input and generates waveform diagrams like this:

Freie Magento Erweiterung „CSV Stock Update“

Note: English Language Documentation Inhalt Inhalt & Einleitung Screenshots Download Installation Einleitung In kleinen Webshops mag das Problem auftreten, dass der Lagerbestand eines (überschaubaren) Sortiments in einem externen Programm verfügbar ist, zum Beispiel von Hand in Microsoft Excel verwaltet oder in einem Warenwirtschaftsprogramm. Um diese Lagerbestände mit Magento abzugleichen (welches ja nur Web-Verkäufe automatisch berücksichtigt […]

Using VIm’s „:v“ to Delete All Lines NOT Containing a Pattern

Addendum to my previous post „Using VIm’s „Negative Lookahead“ to Delete All Lines NOT Containing a Pattern„ I received a message from a reader who goes by the name of „bw1“ who points out that my task „to delete all lines in the current file not containing the string foo“ can easily be accomplished by […]

Using VIm’s „Negative Lookahead“ to Delete All Lines NOT Containing a Pattern

UPDATE: Please note that „bw1“ has notified me of a much simpler solution than what is described here; please see „Using VIm’s „:v“ Command to Delete All Lines NOT Containing a Pattern„ Some statements have been struck through in the article below because they are false. I want to delete all lines in the current […]

Web-MP3-Player with HTML5, Flash and Playlist Support

About This project provides a JavaScript constructor MyPlayer({…options…}) that can be used to embed lists of audio files as read from an index document or an M3U into a web document. They will be displayed in a playback GUI with a playlist that can optionally be filled from the „title“ and „artist“ values of the […]

WordPress: Eigene Übersetzungen in Thematic-Child-Themes

Ich habe einige deutschsprachige Textbausteine in meinem Thematic-Child-Theme „linuxfoo“ angepasst. Dazu benutze ich eine Datei mit eigenen Übersetzungen auf Basis der „de_DE.po“ in „Thematic“ selbst und übersetze diese mit dem Gettext-Werkzeug „msgfmt“. Das Verfahren wird nachfolgend im Einzelnen beschrieben.

Xfce/Xfwm: Focus & Raise selected Window while Alt-Tab-Cycling

Xfce4/Xfwm4 is my Window Manager of choice. It does almost everything right, except thing: managing windows. 😉 Seriously, it gets a real pain with >=5 windows. What’s really missing is an expose function like Compiz & the likes have. To mitigate this a bit, i taught Xfwm4 how to raise the window that I currently […]

An OpenOffice/LibreOffice Macro to Colorize Internal References

Since I found no way to assign a character style to all „reference“ text fields of a document, to, for example have them colorized blue (indicating that they are links to some other place in the document) I had to write the following OOo BASIC macro to colorize them on the entire document Sub ColorizeInternalReferences […]